F1 Freight Systems Inc.
7659 Bramalea Rd.
Brampton, ON, L6T 5V3
Phone : 1-877-557-6555
Fax      : 1-800-974-7764
Email  : f1dispatch@f1freightsystems.com
Staff Directory:    
Personnel & Department Extension Email
Adrian Strank 3221 astrank@f1freightsystems.com
Operations Team
Debra White 3223 debbiew@f1freightsystems.com
Chris Strank 3228 cstrank@f1freightsystems.com
Ben Jenkin 3222 benj@f1freightsystems.com
Jennifer Strank 3231 jstrank@f1freightsystems.com
Geoff Strank 3252 gstrank@f1freightsystems.com
Lorraine Vranic 3230 lorrainev@f1freightsystems.com
Almira Skrobonja 3241 almiraS@f1freightsystems.com
Kate VanDeursen 3240 katev@f1freightsystems.com
Dan Tostik 3250 dant@f1freightsystems.com
Lucas Reid 3227 lucasr@f1freightsystems.com
Travis Squires 3227 traviss@f1freightsystems.com
Nicole Duffy 3234 nicoled@f1freightsystems.com
Cathy Kent 3234 cathyk@f1freightsystems.com
Safety, Compliance & Recruiting
Rodney M. Orr 3225 rodneyo@f1freightsystems.com
Tracey Perozzo 3248 traceyp@f1freightsystems.com
Marty Venner 3224 martyv@f1freightsystems.com
Sharon Whiteside 3224 f1warehouse@f1freightsystems.com
Maintenance/Shop Manager
Goran Kozar 3222 gorank@f1freightsystems.com
  Check the status of your quote or if you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipment feel free to send us an email: f1dispatch@f1freightsystems.com  
  Check the status of your shipment in transit or ask us any questions you may have regarding your shipping needs by email: customerservice@f1freightsystems.com  
  *** Emergency after-hours 24/7 line: 416-562-5179 ***  
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